I’m Mollie and I am a wedding photographer based in the Southwest of England. I love photography and I’m pretty sure I annoy my fiancé with how often I ask ‘can we just get a picture here please’ or ‘wait for me I just need to get a picture of this!’.


I AM ENGAGED TOO! Me and my fiancé Sophie got engaged in 2019 and we are planning our own wedding for Autumn 2022. So I know exactly how you’re feeling! Sophie is very laid back and pretty much happy as long as she can dance all night so I have been the crazy organised bride with the excel spreadsheet and all suppliers on speed dial! We are going for a very country/outdoorsy style wedding with a guitarist, pizza as our main meal and hopefully some hay bails to chillax on. I would love to talk more about your wedding and share ideas and planning tips because trust me, we are in the same boat!

I was born in Southampton but have spent most of my life down in sunny Cornwall enjoying my summers in the sea and eating ice creams. I am moving back to Southampton in the near future to be around my family again and enjoy weekend BBQs and getting merry with a few cocktail nights. 

I am proudly part of the LGBTQ+ community and me and my fiancé Sophie enjoy spa weekends away or running around in the mud with our two dogs Erni and Sancho, who you can see below, manage to interrupt every photo opportunity! These two doggies will be featuring at our wedding so I would love to hear about and meet your little 4 legged friends that might be making an appearance on your special day!



 My photography journey started when I was about 12, I used to love looking at old photos of my grandparents and of my parents when me and my sister were younger! I love how much my parents can remember from every single photo and the stories they have that expand more and more as we go through their old albums. I find it fascinating how a photo can be taken and that same story that was felt in the moment can be told over and over again to anyone who wants to listen. 

My first wedding that I photographed was in 2017, I had not long finished A Level photography and I wanted to do some real photography without al the analysing and essay that came with the course. 

One of my friends came to me and said she knew someone getting married and they weren’t going to have a photographer but they were happy for me to come and have a go. I LOVED IT! I absolute love the moment at the end of the aisle when the tears start to appear or the amazing speeches I get to hear that even make me emotional! I get to have just as much fun as you and that is what is reflected in your wedding photos!

As you can tell I just love photos and I love being involved in the happiness of a wedding day, you’ll see me smiling just as much as the rest of your guests!

Now that I’ve told you a bit more about me, don’t be shy to pop me an email at or enquire so that we can talk about you both, your story and all the little details about your day!