Documentary Wedding Photography


Either that or you are super keen and trying to drop some serious hints on your search history! (Trust me, I did exactly the same before I got engaged!)


Let's talk weddings!

absolutely love weddings and as you can probably already see from my documentary photography style, I want you to remember every little detail. You will always remember the moment you said 'I do' but will you remember the laughs you shared just hours before that moment or the nerves when stood at the end of the aisle or even the first moments you are officially married? Well... that's where I come in! You don't need to worry about all of these little bits because I love capturing the moments, the moments you want to share in years and years to come.

The photographs that I capture are the kind that will take you right back in to that memory, just like an old perfume takes you back to that holiday in Lanzarote in 2007. The only way that I can get these kind of photos is by fully blending in to the background - trust me, you'll forget that I am there! Documentary wedding photography is the best style because it is like having an extra guest come to your wedding but instead of a drink in their hand, I have a camera! 

I want you to have so much fun on one of the best days of your life and to have me there to capture every smirk, smile and laugh. I don't force moments or stage anything, this means the photographs that you get really do tell the story of your day. Just picture your special day as your own romantic novel, my pictures fill every line, every page and every chapter of YOUR story book and allow you to read through that in years to come telling your story over and over again.

'She seems to see the special moments before they even happen.' Becky & Jon

Your wedding photographs are one of the most important things about your day, do you know why? Because that is the only thing you will have after such an amazing day to remember every second!

If you want to find out more about me, head over to my about page! If you want to enquire about your wedding please tell me more about your day here or send an email to molliemcauslandphotography@gmail.com