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Having a list of questions prepared for when you speak to your shortlisted choice of photographers can make things run a lot smoother and can also give you a rough guideline as how to structure the meeting to make sure that you feel fully happy with the outcome after the meeting. Below are 10 of the most important questions to make sure you cover in your wedding photography meeting!

1. Are you insured?

This is really important to make sure you ask your wedding photographer before you go ahead and book them for your day. All professional wedding photographers will have their own public liability insurance, which means if they accidently cause injury to a guest or damage something at the venue then they are completely covered.

This is one of the main things that determines a professional from someone who is photographing weddings as more of a hobby. It also means that if you have your own wedding insurance, just like car insurance, if anything was to go wrong, both parties are completely covered.

One final thing is that some venues will actually only allow photographers to work at their venue if they have correct and in date insurance. So to save yourself any headaches with your venue and your photographer, don't forget this question.

2. Can I see a full gallery?

This is so so so important for you to ask because photographers will typically just post their absolute best and favourite photos on to their social media and their website.

If a wedding photographer is willing to show you multiple galleries then you know that they are very confident with the photos they produce from the whole day and not just from the sunset couple shoots. It will also give you an even truer representation of that photographers style throughout the whole day.

And if nothing else, it will help you get more inspired, excited and allow you to imagine yourself in their photographs!

3. Can I request certain images to be taken?

You will find lists all over the internet of what shots you need to make sure are taken on your wedding day. Most of them your photographer will know down to the ground and will capture those exact images at every single wedding they photograph, these are images that I call standard images, ones I expect to always take.

What you want to make sure is that your photographer will allow you to curate a list of family photos perhaps that you really want taken, or a certain one you would like with just you and your significant other. Or even certain photographs that you don't want that your photographer is happy to not take.

4. What happens if you're ill?

This is another super important question that you need to remember to have on your list next to you when you're on your zoom call.

If your photographer is unwell on your special day, what happens?

All photographers have different policies so it's really important to iron this one out and make sure that you are happy that they have everything in place to make sure that your day will get covered no matter what.

5. How long will it be after the wedding before I receive my photos?

When choosing your photographer, a good thing to know is how long after your special day, you will be waiting for your beautiful photos. Again, this is something that differs drastically with all wedding photographers.

A long expectation time is nothing to change your mind over because if anything that can show how meticulous that person might be with making sure your photos are perfect. But, you do just want to know what to expect so that you aren't left wondering for weeks and weeks when you will be getting your photos back.

6. How much deposit do you require?

Typically this is a go to questions because you need to know exactly what you need to pay in order to book your photographer in.

Most photographers won't secure your wedding day without a deposit and a signed contract so this is something to bare in mind to make sure that you have deposit money available so that you don't miss out on the photographer you really really want.

7. What information do you need from me?

If you are going to book your photographer you need top make sure exactly what information they need from you so that they don't miss anything out or maybe they didn't realise where your location was and they forget to explain to you about travel expenses outside of their local area.

Your photographer will most likely ask you all of the questions that they need to but sometimes it is a really nice moment to let them reflect and make sure they have got everything they need or at least give them an opportunity to ask you something else.

8. How will I receive my images?

Normally you will be able to identify within a photographers wedding packages what it is they offer and how they will present your photos but its definitely worth checking.

You might realise that they put the photos on a disk but you wanted them on a USB so this might be a discussion point that you can see if they have other options. Or they might only give your photos via an online gallery in which case you can ask them their tips on how to keep the photos secure.

9. How much will it cost for extra hours?

Again, how many hours you will receive from your photographer is something that should be identified within the packages they offer. But depending on what is included it is worth knowing how much hey charge for extra hours so that you can make note of it incase you realise later on down the line that you want more coverage than you originally decided on.

10. When do you require a final payment?

Lastly, when do you need to pay the final balance. This is so important so that you can make sure you factor it in.

Weddings involve a lot of different suppliers, all with different final payment dates and you don't want to get caught out. Double check when they would like the rest of your payment so that you can make sure that you pay it on time.

Mollie x

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