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Confetti is so special and there really is something truly exciting and magical about seeing the happiness that makes up a confetti moment at a wedding.

However, these magical moments do involve some planning and there are some must have bits of information about how to make the BEST of your confetti moment.

1. Make sure you have LOADS

Confetti moments are incredible and I enjoy every single one I've ever been a part of, and the photos always do them so much justice. But if I have realised one thing when experiencing all of these fun exits, make sure you have PLENTY of confetti for your guests.

Typically your guests will take at least one full handful of confetti each, some even get two handfuls if they are super excited about covering you both in it! Little people obviously take a bit less but think about it, if you have 60/80 guests, all taking at least one full handful of confetti - that's a lot!

More than enough is always better than just enough, no one wants to miss out on not being able to throw confetti and you also want your photos full of beautiful colours so make sure to over estimate.

Using petal confetti an example 1 litre of smaller petals like delphiniums is around 10 handfuls whereas 1 litre of larger petals like roses is only 5 handfuls.

2. Think of the environment

Biodegradable confetti is much more readily available nowadays which is MUCH better than the gold and silver foil like confetti that people used to have.

Making sure you both get the perfect moment as well as the perfect photo is so important but it doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment. There are so many gorgeous confetti choices and options to choose from. In my experience flower petals are by far the most popular and you can get them in so many different colours. But picking the correct confetti for the right place is so important.

3. Always check with your venue

The majority of venues are very used to the question: "Are we allowed confetti?" so the chances are your venue will already have their answer for you. Hopefully it's a yes but it is so important to make sure you get permission from your venue before you start buying or making confetti to avoid disappointment. Also, always check if they have a rule on what type of confetti you can use, it does leave a mess on the floor that someone is likely to have to clean up so just double check.

4. Safety is important

Putting together this confetti guide means I have had my fair share of confetti experiences and as amazing as they are it is so important to also think of safety.

Confetti on dance floors or wet slippery surfaces can be a dangerous trip hazard so please be aware of this. Confetti canons are also becoming a lot more popular so make sure these are given to responsible persons at your wedding and make sure they have read any instructions needed.

5. Make it unique

This YOUR day and YOUR confetti moment so make sure to think about exactly what you both want. As I just mentioned above some people are using confetti cannons to get a more impressive confetti photo as well as some people using the cannons in the evening during the first dance!

Or another trend I have seen is the use of bubbles to keep costs down, confetti can be expensive, especially if you have over 100 guests.

Personally for my wedding, I am making my own dried flower confetti. It is super easy to make you just have to collect the petals, dry them and keep them in a dark dry place until your special day.

But however you want to do it, I can't wait to see it!

Mollie x

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