How to write a review

Thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer!


You are probably fed up by now with how many times I have thanked you for choosing me to tell your story but it truly means so much to me. Capturing your love and telling every single persons story is exactly why I became a photographer – to document your moments through art.


Whether you booked me for a family photoshoot, couple photoshoot, wedding or anything else at all, it would mean so much to me and to the confidence of my future couples and families if you could let me know how amazing your experience was with Mollie McAusland Photography.




1. First search ‘Mollie McAusland Photography’ in your google search bar.

2. You should then see my business come up on the right hand side if you are using a desktop or right at the top of the page if you are on mobile.

3. You should then be able to see a little blue button that says ‘Reviews’, that is what you need to click next.

4. Once you have clicked that, it will come up with the reviews I have received before and you will also see 5 stars. This is your chance to rate me out of 5 (5/5 I hope!) and once you have clicked whichever star you think, it will prompt you to sign in to your google account and leave the written review.

5. Don’t feel like you have to keep it short and sweet, I really appreciate everything you have to say and it is more than valuable to refer new couples and families to read them first.

6. Now copy and paste what you have written ready to put on Facebook. (If you are copying on a desktop highlight your review and at the same time hold Ctrl and C and if on mobile just hold the screen, select your text and click copy when it pops up.




1. Facebook is the easy one because you have already don’t the hard part of writing out the review! Start off by searching ‘Mollie McAusland Photography’ in your facebook search bar and then click on my page when you see it.

2. You should then be able to see the reviews tab along the top. Click that and it will take you to the reviews section.

3. Once it is up on your screen, it should say at the top ‘Would you recommend Mollie McAusland Photography?’ and then you can select Yes or No.

4. Once you have selected that, you can then paste your review into the box. Make sure when before you click done you double check that your setting for that post is ‘Public’ you can do this by making sure it says this under your name on the post. It might say ‘Friends’ or ‘Private’ but if it isn’t set to ‘Public’ myself and my future couples wont be able to see it.

5. Then you can click done and you are all finished!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and to write me a review, it truly means the world to me and its been my absolute pleasure working with you.


Until our paths cross again,


Mollie x